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Guests’ observations


Modesty prevents our assessment of our own parties, but independent reviews can be found on well-trodden websites.  We have heard the venue described as the ideal for first-timers.  Hardly a party passes without us being told that ‘we should have started this earlier’ or ‘this has been the most amazing night we can remember’.  The following unedited emails are typical.

We came to your party last Saturday and have to say the descriptions we had heard came nowhere near to doing it justice.  There are not words to describe how superlative it all was.  Your home isn’t just lovely – its HUGE.  We were greeted so nicely by Janet and a bubbly chap (sorry – forgotten his name) showed us around enthusiastically.  When we walked into the kitchen everybody there said hello to us.  The food was amazing – everywhere was cosy and so clean.

We enjoyed warming our bums in front of the real fire.  We had heard the dj’s music was suspect, but he hit our tastes bang on the nail.  The pool enclosure pictures on the site do not do it justice – it was so very warm inside.  Then we went into the hot tub which was even hotter and within a few minutes we had been joined by a lovely couple for fun.

The loft was exciting and the ladder a place for great views – ladies go first I think is the rule!  The whole experience was 5* all the way.  You will definitely be seeing more of us.

Do feel free to keep our email address, but please don’t go public with it.

Thanks again

L And K


Hi guys

I was at your new years eve bash and had a ball.  Could you tell me when your next party is?  Can you please book us in for the new years eve party and let me know if you require us to send a deposit

Dear Richard and Janet,

After watching real wife swap on TV last night we are very interested in knowing forthcoming events and dates.  We are a young couple aged 29/27 and have been interested in aspects of swing for sometime, although my wife and myself have been curious for a long time we have yet to divulge in such activities. Since we would be coming from S. Wales we would like some more detailed information have struggled to find anything suitable in our surrounding area.  We are extremely happy with your policies on safe sex and would like more information on can happen at the parties as this would be our first time and would like to know what expect especially before travelling 3 hours from S.Wales


Yours Thankfully


Dear Richard & Janet,


We have been recommended to you by Adult Party UK (AP) which we have recently joined after seeing their advert in our local paper. We have never been to a party or club such as yours but are interested in finding like minded people to fulfil our fantasises. We are looking for men to join Sue and I and not a straight swap between couples. AP therefore recommended your couples and singles night.


We would like to join you in August and were concerned that following the channel 5 program you may be overbooked that evening. Can you let us know if you have room for two more who are looking forward to meeting guys for adult company and fun?


We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully joining you next Friday.



Best regards,


Hello both,

We saw the programme the other night and I have to say we were very impressed with your openness.

We have been swinging for a few years now but we have never visited a party and would love to come along to one of yours, as they look lots of fun.  We thought you both worked very well together and that you complimented each other perfectly. Enough waffle from me 🙂

Can we come to one of your parties?


We saw the documentary this week and thought it was all really quite good.
It was all done in a very matter of fact, realistic and appropriate manner
without any sensationalism which we both thought was great. Anyway, it is
because of the documentary that we thought we ought to get in touch lest
all the places get taken up in a mad stampede to your door!
Very much looking forward to coming along next Saturday and pleased that it
looks like the pool will be hot  🙂

Hope to hear from you soon


Hi Richard and Janet


We are very interested in attending one of your parties, but are Very new to the scene and a little apprehensive.


After watching the TV show recently, we both liked the way in which you both conduct the evening, and found it to be a very reassuring show, so much so, that is has inspired us to make first contact.


We Live in Gloucestershire, and know the distance is a little far, but feel Radlett will help make our first step into this new world an enjoyable one.


Hi Richard and Janet


I only got to hear about you by watching Real Wife Swaps. Great program and you both came out of it with a lot of credit. I think your openness and unabashed attitude must have given a lot of encouragement to anyone thinking of embarking on this kind of lifestyle, myself included. I loved the relaxed sensual atmosphere generated at your party even through the television you could sense the sexual anticipation rising. There was no sense of seediness, just a lot of sexy people coming together for a fun evening. I’d love to come to your next party in September, but I have the dreaded title of “single male.” I am not altogether sure what your policy is regarding this so i would welcome any information you could give me. I suppose first I should give you a little information about me so here goes, I’m late 30s,  5′ 8″ slim to medium build, non smoker, social drinker, I live in London and work in university education. Not sure what else i can say, but i will be happy to give more details if hopefully you contact me.

I hope to hear from you soon, congratulations once again and good luck with your future parties.


Kind regards


Hi Richard


Great program on Channel 5 last week, very refreshing


Hi richard & janet


We must be honest, we watched real wifeswap on tv and we were thrilled to see that we are like many other married couples. We enjoy the company of ladies and would like to meet likeminded people however we have not been to a party before and would like to know if we would be welcomed and which party is the best one for us.


We have never swung with a couple before but have had many threesomes with a female.

Would we able to attend one of your parties?

Which party would best suit us? We have noticed that there are couple and single nights but do they include single ladies?


Hello Richard, Hello Janet,


I’m Uma and my partner is Antony . We saw you featured in the ‘Real Life Swaps’ documentary last week and thought what lovely people you were and that your party had great atmosphere — just the sort of party we’d like to throw. It was refreshing  to see your openness with your two daughters. What a difference it makes to kids when their parents are!


So it was good find your website (and so easily) and see that you’re contactable.  I notice you’re having another party in September and wondered if we could hook up?  We’re a professional couple in our mid forties….


Dear Richard


We write to thank you for opening your doors of your home to us via channel 5. My partner and I have been contemplating the swinging experience for a long time, and reading your article and watching your programme has encouraged us to take things a step further. We believe, like you, that sexual experiences should be a meeting of minds, not just bodies, and we have struggled to find a venue where we could meet like-minded people. We have until now worried that swinging parties might be rather basic affairs, and so we are delighted to have discovered what you have to offer.


We know from your website that you have been inundated with requests for places at your parties, and we were wondering how we go about acquiring a place. It is of course sod’s law that we are booked up for the next month or two on the weekends you are planning to hold parties. Are you planning to put on any extra ones in the light of the success of the programme? If not can we book New Year? I should think it would be a very memorable way to see the New Year in!


Look forward to hearing from you as soon as you are able.


Hi Richard & Janet

My husband and I watched the documentary concerning your parties, we would both dearly love to attend one of the gatherings as we are new to the swinging scene and believe there would be no better place to have our first experience. Please could you inform us as to how we may become regular party guests?

Melissa & Jay

Hi Richard,

My name is Coral, and my husband Andy & I watched channel fives programme about your parties last week. It looks great, but we have never been to any swinging parties before. The idea turns both of us on, in the past we have experimented / played with friends, but would like to take this one step further. I see from your date’s board that you are holding a party on Saturday 25th September for couples only. In your opinion is it better to go to a couples only party for our first time?

Look forward to hearing from you,


Dear Richard and Janet,

My fiancé and I watched your program on channel 5 and were quite relieved and excited to find out about your parties.  For a while now we have been trying to be in contact with other swingers.

We would like very much to attend one of your couples and singles nights.  This will be the first time we will have experienced one of these parties and already we feel welcome.

We would like to attend the party on Friday, November 26.  We will be travelling quite a long distance from the north of Scotland on the Thursday night.  We were wondering if you could recommend a B&B or another accommodation such as hotel or hostel that we could stay at a reasonable price on the Thursday night?  Anything at all would be helpful, as we do not know the area.

If there is any advice you could give us about the party, we would be grateful.

Many thanks, and we look forward to seeing you,


Hi Richard

Bet your having loads and loads of emails after your TV appearance

and just hope you can get to mine before October when we would

like to book.

Never ever been to a party or swung before but something we have

been getting a growing interest in and finally decided to do.

Your parties look phenomenal and have smashed any misconceptions

and any worries we have had to bits.

Just wanted to know how we book, how much etc

Hope to hear from you soon

James and Michelle


Dear Richard & Janet,

We are a young couple (25) very new to the scene (i.e. virgin swingers) and
would very much like to attend one of your up and coming parties, as brilliantly portrayed on channel 5. I (Matt) am very much into participating, while my wife (Louise) is more of the voyeuristic variety. We wonder if you cater for both these tastes and could give us more details about your forthcoming parties. We very much look forward to hearing from you as we are exceedingly nervous, but damned
curious at the same time!


Richard and Janet,

We are a couple, Completely new to the swinging scene. Keen but nervous.
After reading your reviews, and of course various articles we would like to
come along to your party tomorrow night. Your Parties look like the sort of
atmosphere I am sure we would feel comfortable and fit into.

We are keen to meet

Hope to hear from you soon.

Lots of Love
Hi Richard and Janet

I would like to say after watching the documentary on channel five about radlett house, I am very interested in attending one of your parties.  As my partner and myself are new to the swinging scene and a little nervous, I was very happy to see how Janet made new guests feel welcome and at ease.  I must admit i told myself as i was going to try swinging if i was going to go anywhere it would be at one of your parties.  You must both be proud of all the time and effort you put into your parties and after reading the reviews everyone else thinks so to.  As I haven’t a clue how to go about for my partner and i to attend a party please could you me some information.

Hi Richard & Janet

We have been to a few of your parties…..Very enjoyable!!

Could you please add us to your e-mail list….

Loved the documentary on C5…




My name is Kara and found your web site doing a search on ebay and soon realized you were the lovely couple who were on the documentary.


I know you must be so busy i hope you don’t mind me emailing but I have a question. My partner and I are very new and not experienced. The thing is we don’t want to swing as we don’t want to be with anyone else but ourselves (although my partner does not mind me being bi curious, so you never know) do you cater for those who just want to watch and be watched?  If you do, will we be made to join in or can we see how we feel?  I’m sure you must have heard this before, but our only worry is feeling threatened.



Again, sorry for troubling you


I am sure that you have been overwhelmed since the channel 5 documentary and now the dust has settled, I wanted to add my comments.


I have been along maybe 7 or 8 times in the last year.


My own opinion (and that of my swinging partner) is your parties are fantastic.


At £30 per couple (we only attend the cpls only), the food alone represents good value for money. At first I couldn’t help feeling that a few single guys were getting in one way or another but the last few visits, these (seem to have) fallen away.


There are always a good number of swinging couples, and only once have we been disappointed by the high amount who just watch and choose not to participate.


For us it’s all about sexual contact (full or otherwise) with strangers and there’s no better place to do so than radlett.


Keep up the good work.




Having attended our first party in october, Nick and i would like to say how much we enjoyed ourselves. Having travelled up from Yeovil in somerset, it was well worth the journey. we were made to feel most welcome by yourselves in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We would very much like to come again, possibly in november. I totally agree with the kind of parties you hold, and would like to congratulate you on holding such successful parties. its a shame there are not more people like you who organise this sort of thing, possibly in the south west (maybe there are and i just havn’t found them). I’ll be in touch soon.

Best wishes



Richard & Janet

We just want to say what a great time we had on Saturday night! Everyone made us so welcome, especially as this was the first swinging party!

Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you next month!


Well after all we have heard about your party’s we can honestly say that having just come home from your Nov one: To say would we come again. all we can say is try to stop us. it is one of the most relaxed house party’s we have been to in a long while. Why oh why have we not been before? Richard and Janet are fantastic hosts and make you feel more than welcome, being our 1st visit there we thought it would take a while to get to know people as most tend to be in their own little circle of friends but not here. everyone was inter mingling and enjoying themselves.


Thankyou again Richard & Janet


looking forward to the next visit Ricky & Kathy


Hello Richard and Janet

Thank you so much for giving us such a lovely night last night.  I had
never been to an adult party before, and my partner had not been to one of
your parties, but Janet was so nice to us at the door, the other guests
were very friendly, and my nervousness went away quickly.  It must be such
an immense amount of work for you to prepare for and then clean up [!!]
after your parties, so I had to say thanks again, it was such fun.


Hi Richard and Janet, thanks once again for holding a great party last night (sat 26th Feb), we had a fun time and met lots of fun people.  We got talking to your DJ during the evening who shares our love of BDSM.  He was telling us that you are thinking of holding a Fetish Event at the house, something that we whole heartedly support!!  We love the scene and if you can mix BSDM and Swing you are onto a winner.  Dave is an excellent Master and is very knowledgeable about the scene, we love to play with lots of others around.  If we can help in anyway, then we would be glad too.


Hi both,
just to let you know I got home OK (half-eight, Mum & Dad just getting up,
so had to start fielding questions immediately – NOT GOOD! :))
Thank you so, so much for a FABULOUS weekend, ESPECIALLY for letting me come
early, get involved and so feel ‘one of the gang’…. and for taking me to
St Albans, too.  As far as the party goes.. how do you manage to find so many lovely people
to fit into one house??!!  I do hope I see you again very soon.  Love to all the family


Hello Janet & Richard,

Just a quick mail to say thanks for hosting last night. A nice, gentle re-introduction for me with some very horny memories. The couples were all very sociable and generally a good bunch of guys.

Janet, you looked stunning and as a two-some with the other ‘Nubian Princess’ truly gave us boys some exotic erotica – thankyou. Hope you guys have a good night tonight (although I know it’s mostly work, work, work!).

Hopefully I’ll be coming to one of the next events (either singly or as part of a couple with a sexy friend) if diary dates allow.

Best Regards

Hi Janet and Richard


Just a quick line to say how much we enjoyed ourselves on Friday night.

Your welcome, Janet, was just amazing and we felt at ease quite quickly despite the fact we were first-timers.


We enjoyed the company of several couples, all of whom were just lovely people. We will definitely come again!


It was well worth the nearly two-hour drive from Kings Lynn!


We found you quickly with the excellent directions on the website despite Richard’s dodgy OS grid reference! I, Jon am an Army man and my Magellan told me Littlecroft had moved some 450 metres north since Richard got his GPS fix! lol


We will return soon!


Take care,



Dear Richard and Janet

Thankyou for opening your lovely house to us we had been planning to come for some months and didn’t pluck up the nerve till last weekend and we are so glad we did – a great, relaxed atmosphere fantastic people and lovely surroundings we will definitely be coming back.




We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed Saturday’s party. It was our first visit and we will be back again every time now if we are allowed. We loved the setting; the people and we had some very good fun…many thanks…



Hello Richard & Janet, well my partner and I recently saw the excellent swinging documentary which featured your lovely home and venue.  It got my partner and I curious but we didn’t discuss it any more, about two weeks has passed and I mentioned it to Lisa again only to receive a cheeky smile and a curious twinkle in  her eye.  We are both very sexual people who never say no to each other and we both feel our relationship is strong enough and our love for each other deep enough to allow ourselves to experience a new aspect of sex without it damaging our relationship.


We are both excited yet nervous and to be honest we getting really turned on at the thought of being at an event with like minded curious and sexual people.   Would it be ok if we came to your couple’s venue in August to just see what we think and take it from there if we both feel comfortable?  Lisa said “what if you or I don’t feel comfortable and only one of us would like to swing or only one of us finds another person attractive”, my response was to agree with her and assure her that unless we both feel absolutely comfortable with either of us taking it to the next level then we don’t, I also put it to her that we might not be perceived as attractive and as such we should just enjoy each others company and the facilities on offer under no premise that we have to do anything.



Dear Janet and Richard,


We didn’t see you last night to say ‘thank you very much’ for a super evening – wonderful food, music and party environment!  I think you’re amazing to throw open your beautiful house to so many people every month!  What an enormous amount of work it must be each time.  You have my admiration and gratitude.  Janet: we were going to have a chat – sorry it didn’t happen.  Another time, hopefully.


We met some lovely people; even danced (excellent DJ, I thought!).  We will be back (please) and maybe speak before then.


With our best wishes;

Richard & Janet

We had never been to a party like this or even anything similar as this was
our first time ever !. I had to let you know this was an amazing experience
for us. The people we met at Littlecroft were all friendly, polite and sexy. We met two lovely great couples (thank you to. Alan & Belle and to Dave and wife/partner) as they made us feel very
comfortable and at ease.

We are now hooked and want to go the next party. A big thank you to Janet
and yourself for arranging and having such parties and we look forward to
meeting you both the next time.

By the way – what do we need to do about the New Eves party as we are both
interested in going ?


Hi there

We just both wanted to say a big thank u 4 last months party and a few
before that. We have been a number of different parties/clubs in the past
and your be glad to know, yours comes to the top of the list,just a shame
they are once a month.


hi Janet

I really enjoyed the September party so much so that I would like to come to the October one next Friday. I have a friend who would like to come along as well. Can you let me know if you would like him to drop you a line first.

Hi Janet/Richard

Just a quickie to say thanks for a great night, can not fault it at all!
Friendly and helpful staff on the door, a beautiful house full of friendly
people and a really relaxed atmosphere. Thanks for the tour Janet, and
apologies i didnt get to meet Richard but hope to next time. Made a few
friends, both single males and couples and really enjoyed myself (as well as
helping others to enjoy theirselves too).
Was just wondering if it would be ok to attend next months party? Now i know
what to expect I would really like to experience it again
Many thanks in advance


Hi Richard and Janet


Thanks for a great party, we really enjoyed ourselves, loved the loft!!.  The atmosphere was exactly what we were looking for in a party, relaxed, homely and horny.


We will definitely be coming back as you made us feel so welcome when we turned up so early!!


We met a great couple called Sue and Tony and can’t wait to meet them again.


Thanks again for making our 1st party experience one to remember.


What a party last Saturday! we’re regulars at the parties and enjoy coming to make new friends and socialise with like minded people. The champagne on arrival was a nice touch; we would like to say we like the changes the bedrooms are fantastic we especially like the room with the rose petals on the bed and the incense oils giving the room a beautiful smell. The whole house has a different feel very warm and welcoming!!! We are looking forward to next party, we will be there

Thank You for a wonderful evening xxxx


From 5/4/6


Hi Richard and Janet and thank you for your email, and for hosting such a
good event.

Ringing the local taxi firm, I was all prepared to give directions and the
house details, but the receptionist just said “we know where you want”  The
taxi driver said the exact same words!

Well, on arrival we were apprehensive and nervous but within half an hour we
were chatting and playing a bit, before moving upstairs for some fun,
including Amanda’s first swap.  It all happened so fast!

I couldn’t believe how quickly the night turned to morning!  Amanda was
flagging by about 4am lol.

We stayed at the Premier inn in Borehamwood and to be honest, after getting
home to Hemel on Sunday about midday, we had to have another sleep as we
were shattered!

We kept having ‘flashbacks’ with Amanda saying “Yes, you did this and that”
and I was recounting the things she couldn’t remember fully!  It all seemed
like an altered state of mind, as if it was too unreal to be real if that
makes sense.  I would describe it as a sensual overload in both meanings of
the word.

Amanda has been begging me to agree to go take her back this weekend – I am
amazed at how she has got into the swing of it (Pardon the obvious and
extremely weak pun which wasn’t intended lol).

We still can’t believe we’ve done it and we have spoken about nothing else since.
Amazing experience, I just hope the thrill doesn’t wear off!  Amanda is
planning her wardrobe for the next visit.

We particularly liked the subdued nature of the lighting and the fact that
in every nook and cranny, something was going on.  Being newbies, we didn’t
really chat enough to others but we will make a point in establishing
contact with couples on the next visit.

Amazing experience; Amanda has since chatted on a few chatrooms and she
keeps saying the words “Professionally run” to describe the event, one which
I wholeheartedly agree with.  I should imagine you have a real job on your
hands in the planning and aftermath of these events!

I won’t keep going on, just to say we really enjoyed ourselves and have a
distinct feeling of ‘liberation’ having attended your event.

We hope to be back very soon.

Regards and best wishes to you both,


Hi Janet & Richard


I would like to thank you and you guests for making me & my brother so welcome on Friday night,we both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly,as it was our first time we was made to feel at ease from the moment we arrived we hope to be attending again soon.


Kind regards


Dear Richard and Janet


Mark and I came for the first time last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We had half expected to stay for a few drinks, get the feel of the place and leave.  Far from it – because of the couples we met we dived in with enthusiasm.  We are coming back on Sat 27 May.


Amongst other things, I am a writer.  And (was) a first timer.  I note the stuff about an information pack, etc., but I have to say we didn’t really need it.  We both made an effort to chat to others.  What made the difference for us was the girl of the couple we met suggested we all go for a swim.  Before I knew it, I was stripping off and getting in a pool with around 4 other couples in it.  If you were interested, I would gladly write a sort of “newcomers’ letter” about dos and don’ts and how to’s.  I could email it to you and you could use it, edit it or dump it, I really don’t mind.  It’s just that we had such a great experience.


Whatever your response, we shall see you on 27 May and will be staying the night.


Richard / Janet

I am newly arrived in the UK and am pleased to say
that I have heard about you all the way on the other
side of the world!  A friend of mine raved about your
parties and said that when I got to the UK I should
definitely get in contact.


Hi Richard I was at the party last saturday and had a great time. Really good fun and lovely people.Lovely house and pool. The hot tub is fantastic and the food was sumptuous. Is there any restriction on single ladies being admitted to couples nights?.




Hi Janet & Richard, just a brief note to say thanks for a great night on Saturday, it was our first visit to any party or club and as your website suggested it was an excellent introduction to the lifestyle.


We met some lovely people (especially C&T from Cambridge) and enjoyed the facilities (hot tub & pool).


Please pass on our thanks to Rhidian (not sure of spelling) he gave  us the “introductory tour” which helped put us and the other couples who were “newbies” at our ease, made us feel welcome and gave us the confidence for later!!


Overall we had a wonderful evening (and morning!!) and are already planning our return……


Thanks again


Dear Richard Janet

Thank you so much for a wonderful time the weekend. I really enjoyed myself, thanks to Richard for his ‘fantastic attention’ wow he is ‘the best’. I would love to come again Saturday if you will allow. I would love to help with anything if I can, to help getting parties sorted, arranged if I can help in any way,, please ask,,, I am going to recommend you to all my friends,, and hope I can have a few buddies with me ASAP….I met so many lovely people and hope to see them again soon..

Wish I could remember the names of the sites they came from,,, any ideas??? Wasn’t local swingers – I know that much….

Once again thank you for making me feel so welcome, relaxed and you are both fantastic hosts. Don’t want to go to any others now hehe

Love you both…..




Hi Richard & Janet,


I would just like to thank you all for a wonderful evening. Last night was our first visit and we both had a really good evening. We were both very nervous at the start of the evening, but everyone was so nice that we soon relxed and just enjoyed ourselves.


I would also like to ask you that if you find an earring in the shape of a leaf and is multi coloured, its mine, i think it came out in the pool, but not sure.


See you soon


Thank you


Hi Richard and Janet!


We wanted to email and say thank you for our first party experience on the 22nd last month.   We had a great time and everyone made us feel very welcome and relaxed.  The food was nice, and we enjoyed the dancefloor a lot!  Or only issue was that the couples-only room had a mattress that was a bit thin – the springs were such that we moved ourselves onto the couches instead!


We are trying to find out when we can make our next party appearence, and hopefully we’ll get to see you again soon.


One last thing, hopefully you haven’t forgotten by now – we should have emailed sooner – but if you could let us know how we could get a copy of the porn movie showing in the main room with the dancing?  We thought it was fantastic!


Many thanks again and best wishes to you both, and Rydian (if we’ve got that right?) for taking such good care of us.




Hi Richard & Janet

I saw your documentary on TV last night and was so inspired and excited at what you guys are doing, I started searching for you online today.

I found you pretty easily, to my delight and have had a good wander around your so ‘straight to the point’ site.

Its refreshing to finally find what seems like a set of people who are on my wave length and so the natural thing for me to do was to email you….


I am a first timer when it comes to ‘sex parties’, but have dabbled in various jaunts with other couples which have certainly pushed my boundaries & whet my appetite. Im excited about swinging as a single girl & about sharing my casual partner. This is something I want to do by myself and with him. I have discussed this with him and he is in agreement….very excited in fact!


We are interested in joining you at the end of this month. Can you tell me what the etiquette is? Do we just turn up or do we book in advance? Do we bring money with us or do we pay you when we arrive?

I hope to hear from you soon. I have attached a picture of me so you can out an email to a face J


Hi Janet & Richard, just a brief note to say thanks for a great night on Saturday, it was our first visit to any party or club and as your website suggested it was an excellent introduction to the lifestyle.


We met some lovely people (especially C&T from Cambridge) and enjoyed the facilities (hot tub & pool).


Please pass on our thanks to Raidon (not sure of spelling) he gave  us the “introductory tour” which helped put us and the other couples who were “newbies” at our ease, made us feel welcome and gave us the confidence for later!!


Overall we had a wonderful evening (and morning!!) and are already planning our return……


Thanks again


Dear Richard and Janet
wow! Thank you both for the amazing welcome to your parties. As a first time
guest, I was made to feel like a friend, not a stranger.  Never having been to
any such party before and as a 37 year old single woman I was really nervous, not
sure what to expect even though I had heard favourable reports.
WOW – even what I had been told were understatements.  Your guests were
intelligent, friendly, non-judgemental people who were happy to socialise
not to mention have hot fun and lots of it.  You were great hosts and the atmosphere was fantastic, food great and what fun we had in the pool and hot tub. I can’t keep away as u might have noticed.
Coming back to the next two parties the next weekend and not to mention,
the next party date is already in my diary.  Nothing i can say is adequate to explain what a great experiences your parties are, all I can say is anyone who hasn’t been one of your guests yet
is missing out big time and should see what I’m enthusing about for themselves – they won’t regret it.

Thank you both again for arranging for ur guests to have so much fun
xxx jo xxxx


Dear Richard and Janet


Just wanted to say thank you for another super night.  Also to say I think Jo is a fab advert for your evenings – she epitomises all that the evening should be.




Hi we are 2 couples from the london and essex area,  we have been friends for over a year now and have attended a few parties together.  Many people have told us about your parties, saying that this is the party to go to.


hi mine name is sheena, i contacted you a little while ago abt possibly having an invite to one of your nights.


i go to the club arousal in dunstable and have been told that your club is amazing.


please email me soon


Hi Richard & Janet,

Thanks for a great party on the 22nd everything was great we had a brilliant time. Can you please let me know when the next couples only party is?


We’ve heard lots about your parties and think it is time to come and to see for ourselves.

Do need to know anything about us?  Hear from you soon.


Hi Richard,

Myself and my partner have attended your last 2 couples parties and had a great time on both occasions, the last party being by far the best we have ever been to. everybody was so friendly and horny. The food was wonderful too.

Can you please book us in for the new years eve party and let me know if you require us to send a deposit?


Dear Richard and Janet

I thought I’d let you know how inspirational if found you both on CH 5.  Your openness brought a warmth to my heart and rekindled my faith about intuitive sexuality.  I think you’re shining examples of liberated, free minded people.

‘Happy are those who dream dreams’ and are willing to pay the price to see them come true.’



Hello Richard and Janet,

After seeing the parties on the TV programme this week it has prompted us into action and hence this E-Mail to your good selves.  We are Chris and Amy and have enjoyed the swinging scene for some five years, meeting couples more on a one to one basis. We feel we are missing out on the broader field and would like to attend one of your gatherings.


add into the newly named ‘bulletins’:



A small celebration is due – the last party is the first in our recall that no one broke any of our toilets!  This year alone, some 6 man days have gone into their repair.  We don’t expect revellers to have a doctorate in hydraulic engineering, but are sometimes dumbfounded by the abuse.  Some one had even put a tampax in the cistern rather than the bowl.  That took over a day to extract from the flush siphon.  Have a care!


Locking/barring doors

As we write elsewhere on the site, there are not enough rooms for every group who wants to exclude the rest of the party.  As a compromise, room(s) will be designated with a notice: ‘onlly enter this room if you have been invited’.


Contact us


Everyone we talk to encourages us in what we do, but it is always helpful to get the whole range of feedback.  Whether you felt on cloud nine, want to add to the references for prospective revellers’ benefit, or have some practical advice to improve the event, please send us your thoughts by email or text to 07986 288580.

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