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Couples and Singles Party

Thanks to continuing sterling work by Radlett’s special agent Melissa (SAM for short), the Couples and Singles party on 25/3 was the best attended for years.  Play it again, SAM! The Playboy and Bunnies theme is, as ever, optional.  Take up of party themes on Fridays is minimal, but please leave hoodies, jeans and trainers at home in the drawer labelled ‘LADDISH’. Smart casual is much preferred.

Saturday 23rd April – “Playboys &Bunnies”. This Radlett annual event over many years must be judged a success, if how many other venues now emulate us is any measure. Beware cheap imitations. Come to the original and the best! With the cost of living crisis currently raging, be grateful that Poundland usually sell bunny ears and bum tufts on their ‘seasonal’ shelves

Many happy returns of the Sheryl!!! After years away, Sheryl braved some serious pain to be with us again last month for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and brought her culinary magic to bear on proceedings. We pride ourselves on offering guests a selection of hot and cold food and nibbles, not just a couple of bowls of peanuts. Herewith just some of the fabulous fare she constructed for the occasion:figs wrapped in bacon. Oreos in batter. Oreo chocolates. Cups of teacakes. Oyster treats. Salmon & spinach filos. Homemade Scotch eggs. Mad Hatter cupcakes.Flan. Circular ham & cheese sandwiches. Ham & lettuce wraps. Sticky barbecue belly pork squares. Shepherd’s pie & hot dogs.

Forthcoming Events
Future themes (always optional) planned for the fourth Saturday of each month:
April – Playboys and Bunnies
May – themeless (not to be confused with seamless)
June – Midsummer Ball
July – take another month off themes
August – Carnival
September – Back to School
October – Halloween
November – no theme

Extra-curricular events: Early June – Black Woman’s Fan Club for aspirational ladies of colour with more to offer than carnal frivolity. Watch this space for more details.

From the Chairman’s Office:
“Parties aren’t our thing – we prefer meets”
You have plainly had much more success with meets than we had. In our experience 60% of Fabswingers really only want pen pals. Of those that do pick a date, 70% no-showed with no or flimsy excuse – such as ‘our pet tortoise’ asthma attack has come early this year’. Of those that did arrive, 50% had progressed that far on a profile of pure fiction. When we counted up the wasted time and petrol, we discovered that parties’ 90% enjoyable evenings were way more fun and effective. If you had a much better experience than us and can share the secret, we can go back to meets and discontinue partying. Either way, you take care!

You must be 18 years old or over to party at radlett house parties
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